Looking for author Mary Laura Philpott? Or the book I Miss You When I Blink? Find those here, at MaryLauraPhilpott.com.

Let me explain: For a few years, I had a blog called I Miss You When I Blink, and it lived at this site. (It still does, if you’re into archives. You can find those here.) My new book also happens to be titled I Miss You When I Blink. But it’s not based on my old blog or related to it in any way, other than the fact that I wrote them both. They just share a title. Confusing, I know. But it’s a good title — I wanted to use it again!

Anyway, I hope you’ll go check out the book. It comes out April 2, 2019. Buy a copy for yourself and a dozen of your friends. If you pre-order it from the bookstore where I work, I’ll gladly sign it for you.

Thanks! -Mary Laura