Abbreviations for crazy af times

Does “af” look like a typo to you? I know it stands for “as fuck,” but when I see it in writing, I imagine an affff sound. For example, “bold af” doesn’t make me think “bold as fuck.” It makes me think, “bold afffff.”

Text from a friend: It’s hot af outside.
How that text reads in my head: It’s hot afffff outside.

But although it’s mentally confusing (for me, anyway), it is very handy for conserving letters when texting or tweeting — forums where every character counts. To that end, I made a list of other handy “as” phrases and their lowercase acronymns. These particular phrases might be especially useful when texting/tweeting about current events.

In fact, if you read the list in order, it adds up to a story of sorts about our times. Here’s a snippet — you can check out the whole thing on McSweeney’s, and I hope you will. Thanks! You’re cool af.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.54.28 PM

PS: If you’d like to try using one of these acronyms in a sentence, I’d very much like to see it.


  1. I think the problem is that the word fuck is so mouth satisfying – with that lovely frictive ending. AF is soft and gentle. I say let’s add a k to the abbreviation. As fuck would be AFK. Totally feel that.

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