What Lands’ End Should Have Done

As you may have seen, tankini purveyor Lands’ End recently ran an interview with feminist icon Gloria Steinem in their catalog and on their website. (Hey, even feminist icons like comfy pants.) Then, after receiving a bunch of flak from… honestly, I’m not really sure… anti-feminists? time-travelers from the 1960s?… Lands’ End took the interview down and apologized for ever running it. AS IF CHATTING WITH A HUMAN LEGEND LIKE GLORIA STEINEM IS SOMETHING TO APOLOGIZE FOR. You can read all about it on Jezebel, which did a great recap of the situation.

What the actual hell, Lands’ End? Also, what the actual hell, people who picked up a phone to complain about seeing the face of an equal rights pioneer on the page opposite your favorite mock turtleneck? Who are these people?

This is what I wish Lands’ End had said instead when they started receiving irate telegrams and such from what I can only assume were grouchy old men who live in underground bunkers. I posted this last night on Facebook:


Anyway, I’m burning all my chinos.


  1. Way to feed the trolls Land’s End. Knuckle-dragging troglodytes are a minority, but somehow extremely vocal. This was an ideal time for a company to shut down their nonsense…but they shamefully did the exact opposite.

    Thank you for this post….it prompted me to do more research. The response of Land’s End: “It was never our intention to raise a divisive political or religious issue, so when some of our customers saw a recent promotion that way, we heard them. We sincerely apologize for any offense.” As read in the Huffington Post: the interview itself did not feature any discussion of abortion.

    Even more shocking: the company also discontinued a campaign that enabled customers to donate to the Fund for Women’s Equality.

    My God. This is just loathsome.

    • tinylivers: hey. i see what you did just there, you clever person, you. you overstated the case based on no facts, made a tenuous analogy and steered the conversation in another direction to suit your own means. you’re a smart one.

      how about staying on topic next time.

      [sent from my bulls!t detector]

  2. Rock ON with your awesome response self!!! More power to women in comfortable, long lasting casual and biz casual wear!!! Really, just more power to women. 👊👊👊

  3. Lands End uniform wear is used by many religious schools. I’m not surprised they experienced a backlash. That LE caved is surprising.

  4. Never shopped there, so they aren’t even on my list to consider to boycott. Doubly so now. My list just keeps growing.

    It’s amazing to me that no one at Land’s End considered the possible consequences, and they are such weenies to back out after a decision was made. Backing out implies “Nevermind…she wasn’t that important any way.” which is so untrue. They caved, and they’ve lost customers no matter what they did. I like your response.

  5. You have got to be fucking kidding me. Bah, who needs equal rights? I prefer to be paid less for doing the same job as a man. I prefer to be blamed if I am raped. I prefer to have no autonomy or control over my own body. That’s just how it should be. And if Lands End wants me to have equality, fuck them. I’m just going to go back into my kitchen and knit my husband some clothes so we don’t support those dirty communist hippies. On a serious note, though, this is truly disappointing that they caved. If it had been a conservative group experiencing the backlash (like Chick-fil-A), they’d have doubled down.

  6. Gloria Steinem is MY GIRL!!! F**K Lands End. OMG what do these people want???? To go back to the days when a woman couldn’t have her name on her own credit card???? UGH. I would challenge all those who think Gloria Steinem is nothing more than a bra burning man hating woman to read “Revolution from Within” … AN AMAZING READ. It’s about Self-Esteem!!! Unbelievable.

    And P.S.

  7. I can always tell its a liberal by the childish remarks and foul language. I doubt any of you have even heard of Lands End before unless your parents had a cayalog lying around their house. They were absolutely right to pull anything to do with Miss Steinem. Now let the hateful comments fly.

    • Okay, here’s one” Jesus you’re stupid. Exactly what is childish about protesting sexist actions? What is reasonable about cry-baby protests about things that have NOTHING to do with you? Some of use like Land’s End clothing AND support Gloria Steinem; you’re saying Land’s End is right to alienate one customer base to appease another, when the subject of the controversy literally has NO effect on anyone involved? Buy your pants there or don’t, but Gloria Steinem exists, and only ignorant people want to try to pretend that she doesn’t or that many people agree with her, and her existence or lack thereof shouldn’t have anything to do with where you’re getting those pants.

  8. I am pissed at them for taking it down. I agree with every word, Mary Laura. And oh, yeah, only liberated women cuss like sailors. Sheesh. Put us all barefoot back in the kitchen.

  9. For 50 plus years and counting Gloria Steinem has championed women’s rights in a most wonderful way. We cannot begin to count the number of women who stand a bit taller and achieve more than they might have without her presence. The internet and media outlets often allow a few whiners and complainers to seem far more important than they really are. Thank you Gloria; nice having you around.

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