One Thing Even a Total Wuss Can Learn from Ultimate Fighting Champs

What could a wimpy little scrap like you or me learn from UFC champion Ronda Rousey? Plenty.

Just some ladies fighting in a cage, you know how it is.  (Photo via The Washington Post - Matthew Stockman / Getty Images)
Just some ladies fighting in a cage, you know how it is.
(Photo via The Washington Post – Matthew Stockman / Getty Images)

First of all, after seeing “UFC” all over the headlines, I’ve finally figured out it doesn’t stand for Ultrafast Fieldmouse Carriage or Unscented Fruit Candles. It’s a sport called Ultimate Fighting Championship. (That’s the thing Monica’s boyfriend did on Friends. Remember, when Pete was like, “I’ve conquered the business world. I’ve conquered the intellectual world. Now I must conquer… the physical world,” and then he got the bejeezus beaten out of him?) Rousey’s in the news right now because she keeps knocking people out so fast that her fights are over before even they even start. Shazam.

Personally, I’m not really interested in getting clobbered on the regular. I think the worst fight I could muster would be a purse fight. It’s like a cage fight except you just slap your handbags at each other until one person’s bag spills all over the floor and then you kick their lip gloss across the floor and you win. Then you get a giant fancy belt.

Tee hee. I'm a winning machine.
I think she’s giggling because this new belt is going to look fabulous with a blazer and some dressy denim.

I do, however, think I could learn something from the way Rousey sets goals. She said this to a reporter last week:

“Here’s pretty much the plan: I’m going to beat up [my opponent] Bethe. Then I’m going to take a couple of weeks to rest. And then I’m going to go beat up Miesha. And then I’m going to go to Thailand, or wherever we decide to film [a movie with Mark Wahlberg]. I’m going to prep for a month and start filming for 8-10 weeks, and then go beat up the next chick. That’s pretty much my plan.”

Damn, that’s resolve. She doesn’t envision herself stepping into the cage and then wondering if she’s made a huge mistake and then tapping on the cage door until someone lets her out (which is what I would envision in that scenario, because I don’t really like touching strangers and I’m very afraid of hitting). She pictures herself doing exactly what she set out to do, and then she DOES IT. She even accounts for rest! Genius! Now, I’m not into beating people up, but I do have some stuff I need to get done — so here, let me try:

Pretty much the plan is: I’m going to start making coffee at home instead of ordering it from that dumbass who yells WHAT? every time I say my name. And then I’m going to sit somewhere — not sure where? maybe somewhere tropical with Matt Damon? probably just my office by myself? — and work on some rhymes and shit. And then I’m gonna sort this stack of mail like a boss. And definitely go to bed by 11. So yeah. That’s the plan.”

Bam! I’ll channel my inner super-fighter, do some intentional thinking, and kick some (metaphorical) ass. What’s YOUR plan? World domination? Whatever the case, let’s all get big fancy belts that say “CHAMPION GOAL-SETTING MOFO.”

This article also appears on the Huffington Post.

* * *

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  1. LOVE the idea of you in the handbag fight. Thanks for this post – -it made me smile. Ronda rocks! Like you, I too am going to adopt her philosophy – I will clear out the kitchen cupboards, I will re-pot the houseplants and I will get my bag packed in time for going away this weekend. Ultimate fighting – bah – that’s for wimps 🙂 Let’s hear it for the handbag fighters!

  2. Rousey’s plan is zen-like perfection. Straight unwavering intention. Inspiration from a most unexpected source 🙂 My list’s going to be too long to write down here…

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