Throw a Bra at Someone Today

I think we should all throw bras more often.

Let me explain:

My friend Amanda is a rock star. And I don’t just mean, “My friend Amanda is a badass” — although she is — I mean she’s the lead singer of a band. She wears little gold shorts and sings under hot stage lights and stays up way past my bedtime on a regular basis.

Back when she was talking about starting her band, I said, “Well, you’ll know you’ve made it when fans are throwing their underwear at you onstage.” That was my way of saying, “I believe in you, and I think you will be wildly successful, and I hope you remember that the most important thing is not how much money you make or if you even make money at all or if you play to a sold-out crowd or if you get famous but that you are making such awesome music that people feel the need to express their super-enthusiasm in wild and crazy ways. Because if you’re making yourself and other people that happy, then you are a bonafide rock star.”

SO… when the time came for Amanda’s first big show, I elbowed my way up to the front of the crowd, waited for just the right song (I think it was a cover of Candy by Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson), and — thWHAP! — flung my bra onstage. Without missing a note, Amanda grabbed it and hung it on the mic stand, where it stayed for the rest of the show.

Actual photo from first concert, moments after bra-throwing.
Actual photo from first concert, moments after bra-throwing.

Fast-forward a couple of years:

A few days ago, I went to do a book signing party at an art gallery in Atlanta. It was great. Lots of old friends and new friends and Penguins with People Problems fans. And then, while I was happily scribbling my name on the cover page of someone’s book — thWHAP! — I got hit in the head with a bra.

The very same one.

My friend Amanda had saved that tacky zebra-striped thing (don’t judge me; it’s comfortable and smooth under shirts) and brought it to the gallery. “NOW YOU’RE A ROCK STAR!” she yelled when I pulled it off my face.

I think most of the other people at that event thought something very weird had just happened, but I was delighted. It will always be one of the most meaningful moments in this wacky little book experience.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Brassiere
Sisterhood of the Traveling Brassiere

So I say unto you: Go forth and sling a bra at someone — even if only metaphorically. In fact, metaphorically might be better. It’s probably safer in most situations if you don’t launch your underthings at others, especially if you’re at work. I don’t want to get anyone fired. Can you imagine? “Hey Jim, why’d you get canned?” / “Well, I threw a bra at my boss.” / “Damn, Jim, you brainless acorn. That was a poor decision.” What a disaster. Anyway — here’s a badge you can download and share instead of your actual underwear:

Who deserves one of these today?
Who deserves one of these today?

So how ’bout everybody find somebody who is rocking it right now and toss them some love? Show them that what they’re doing makes you so happy that you’ve turned into a crazy groupie who throws lingerie.

Maybe one day they’ll throw it back at you.


  1. I love this post. Women get so few experiences of team spirit; this bra-flinging needs to be a trend. Congratulations on your book!! Were you just at Book Con in NYC?

  2. My underwear options are limited and probably not conducive to throwing. And, alas, your badge from me might be misunderstood. Back to fist bumps it is, then.

  3. Awwww!
    1) Let it never be said of you that you are not giving because look at all this sharing you’re doing! Bras and badges, where does it end?
    2) You’ve got awesome friends and this story makes me feel all swoony because it’s so sweet. And weird. Which is what makes it so sweet.

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