Eating, Writing, Reading, Flying

I am kind of like this right now:



There’s a LOT going on with work, there’s a LOT going on with book stuff, and there’s a LOT going on just with life in general. It feels a little like zooming down the highway on a turbo-boosted electric scooter at 100mph with my eyelids taped open and my hair on fire, but it’s all good.

Part of what’s making this spring so busy is a string of travel dates for work/fun, which, although it’s kind of exhausting, I really enjoy. The first thing I always plan after the plane ticket is the dining, because I love trying new food and eating like locals eat. (Unless locals eat raw bird feet or celery pie, in which case, terribly sorry, but fuck that, locals.) Nothing caps off a long day like an awesome dinner. My family and I ate our way through DC last week, and now I’m eating lettuce and ice cubes until I get to Portland this weekend, at which point I’ll shift back into pasta-and-wine gear.

Speaking of which: Making dinner has long been my relaxation ritual when I’m home. Lately though, suppertime around here has been an episode of The Crazy Show. Well . . . maybe more like The Lazy Show. I told my editor at the New York Times I was thinking of trying one of those dinner-kit-in-a-box plans just to make things easier and bring back the fun, and she said, “DO IT” and also “WRITE ABOUT IT.” So I did. (I tried several, actually. Because if I’m going to eat my way through an assignment, I’m for goshdarn sure going to be thorough about it. *Hiccup*) Here’s the result of that little experiment —

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.40.04 AM


Anyway, thanks for clicking over to take a look, if you’re so inclined. More on the travel and the book and all manner of other inanity later. Meanwhile, please enjoy new penguins every week. (Did you see there’s finally an animated one?) Thanks!


  1. I agree with you about the waste being an issue. I ultimately decided to cancel with them because of the waste and because I felt like out of the three meals, one would be delicious, one bland, and one too spice heavy. The Thai coconut shrimp that you used in the image is amazing though!

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