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More about this tomorrow… but for now: If you have a blog where you talk about your life, your work, your family, your friends, etc., please do chime in on the conversation happening on the Press Publish site this week. Do you go anonymous? Are you 100% you? Somewhere in between? Here’s the question up for discussion this week:

Press Publish

Let’s talk about what it means to be anonymous. Incognito. Unknown.

Sometimes anonymity enables freedom. I’ve read blogs and articles where authors remain anonymous because they don’t feel they can risk having their names associated with what they’ve written, and some of that personal writing is brave and beautiful and amazing.

Other times, going anonymous is a real wuss move. Commenting online, for instance, is a scenario in which anonymity can breed nasty behavior. People feel protected behind their screens, so they type things they’d never dream of saying out loud to someone’s face.

When I started my first blog, I did it without my name attached. I’m a professional writer, and at the time I started blogging, I did not want my clients to discover that when I was taking a break from, say, ghostwriting a book about cancer, I was posting send-ups of fashion ads and bizarro jokes about whatever popped into my…

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  1. I am not anonymous and I am very open with my readers. I pretty much tell everything about myself and my husband. The dumb things he does, etc. Family members are ok if they are part of a funny story, as are friends. I did lose a friend over a political post I did. It was done in humor and sarcasm and she took it personal, left me a nasty comment, and an email war ensued. We are no longer friends. She is extremely right wing and I am a liberal so there you have it. I do tend to edit some of what I write because I want people to like me. But then I feel as though I’ve lied to myself and cheated my readers.

  2. Thank you for raising this topic – it’s really interesting, and I admire everyone who has the courage to blog with their real name! I have chosen to use a pseudonym rather than pure anonymity, however everything I write is from the heart. My friends know who I am, but people I’ve never met online – well, I guess you know me as MrsLadyMuck for now!
    Maybe as I get more comfortable online I’ll be encouraged to be more open, but for now this level of anonymity feels protective.
    I’m also a professional writer, for which I use my real name.
    I see MrsLadyMuck as a different persona, who has enabled me to start out with sharing more personal thoughts, and – in a way – enabled me to be more honest with my readers.

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