Hey, Who Wants a Weird Autograph?

You know how it’s kind of funny when you ask your phone strange questions and Siri answers? Or when you speak into a sound-altering app just to hear words like “I like monkey riblets for breakfast” come back at you in a robot voice?

I am delighted to let you know that you can now have that experience on paper. Here’s how:

PwPP_Cover_OfficialPenguins with People Problems is officially now available for pre-order. Pub date is June 2, which means you can’t actually get it in your hands before then, but you can place an early order now. Why do pre-orders matter? Well, I’ll let this author tell you, because I think Tony Earley did a nice job of explaining it. The point is: Lots of pre-orders mean a stronger opening week for the book, and that’s a really good thing.


It’s very easy. You can pre-order a book anywhere you normally buy books. I might suggest one of these ways:

1. indieboundWalk into your local real-live bookstore and tell a human bookseller you want to pre-order it. Your bookstore is there to serve your community and if you want it to stay open — if you want to live in a place that has a bookstore — you gotta buy your books there. So do it, and tell your booksellers I said hi. (Not sure where the nearest store is? Go to IndieBound.org and they’ll find it for you!) –>


2. If you don’t have a local bookstore, you can borrow this one: Parnassus Books in Nashville. The best part is, I actually work in this awesome little indie shop, so any pre-orders that come through here will be physically touched by me! I MIGHT LICK YOUR BOOK! Just kidding, I would never lick a book. But I will very happily autograph it and inscribe it in any way you like, at no additional charge.

That’s right, I said any way you like. You want your name in it? I’ll personalize it. You want someone else’s name? I’ll inscribe it as a gift and think up something nice to say. You want 10 little smiley faces? You got it. You want a dirty limerick about corn? Try me. I will write anything you want me to write, in as many books as you want.

All you have to do is write your request in the “comments” section at checkout, like this: 

You just type something here, and I’ll write it in my own handwriting. It’s almost as fun as making Siri say bad words.

Think you might want a bunch of copies as a fun summer gift to your book club or to play book-Jenga with? In that case, just email orders@parnassusbooks.net and ask. Sometimes, if a book is being ordered in bulk, you can get a nice little discount.

You can also pre-order from the links here, and that’s OK, too — whatever floats your merry little boat:


The point is: If you like to look at the world through penguin-colored glasses, or if you know someone who might, spread the word! (But if you hate penguins who go to work and have friends and wear outfits and embarrass themselves, then fine. I’ll be back to posting weather reports soon.)

And if you’re reading this, you were probably around when this whole goofy penguin thing started. This is happening because of you. Thank you.


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