What Is “Balance” Anyway?

Balance. Not my forte. (See also: “coordination” and “grace”)

Truth: I live in fear of being pulled over at a DUI checkpoint, because even if I’m stone-cold sober at noon on a Monday, if you draw a straight line on the ground, I can’t follow it perfectly. I broke my arm once trying to walk and carry a load of laundry at the same time. Another time, I broke my ankle while trying to walk down a sidewalk and tell a joke. Most recently, I was wearing my backpack “briefcase” in an airport, and the straps both spontaneously broke, and instead of wobbling a bit when my bag fell off my back, I fell all the way over. Like, on my face. On the airport floor. There is not enough Purell in the world, I tell you.

Anyway. Author Susie Schnall writes fiction about people who have a lot to balance, and in the process of writing her books, she interviews people who live the types of situations she writes about. I was delighted to answer her questions and thank her for including me in the conversation:


By the way, the type of “balance” she’s talking about here is the kind involving career, creativity, and parenting. So that’s what this interview focuses on. But obviously “balance” is an issue that comes up for any multi-dimensional human being, whether you’re balancing work/family, cats/dogs, normal life/spy life, desire to have friends/desire to hole up in a cave and eat cheese 24 hours a day, whatever. We only get one life, and we have to make choices as to how we spend the hours in it; but maybe if we help each other out, we can all have a shot at doing more of the stuff we care about.

So — check it out if you like. Thanks! [Go there now  –>]

* * *


  1. I broke my toe whilst walking with laundry (although I slipped on a puddle from ourleaking roof that I couldn’t see over the clothes). However, I maintain that laundry is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

  2. Nice answers! I can’t figure out how kids are meant to fit everything in either. The ones who do look knackered by the time of the school holidays! Time to relax is underrated!

  3. My friends ask me ALL THE TIME how I “manage it all,” and I tell them I have no idea. But the truth is that I don’t do “it all” either, and need to work on removing the excess things that I do that don’t bring me joy in order to make time for the things that do bring me joy.

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