“Moms Are Nuts,” A Love Letter to Our Funny Mothers

Do you have any hidden/weird talents that are just waiting for someone to call them out? I bet you do. Like, maybe you walk around every day, hoping that just *once* someone will say, “Hey, Mike — do you happen to have a great impression of Beaker from the Muppets?” so you can finally do your Beaker act for an audience. Something like that.

Well, several months ago, I got that call. Amy Vansant was putting together a humor anthology called Moms Are Nuts. Much to my surprise and delight, she had invited me to contribute an essay to the collection (more on that in a sec). Anyway, we were chatting one day about the book, and she said, “We haven’t settled on a perfect cover yet. I just wish I knew an artist who could, like, bring a bunch of peanuts to life and make them have a little conversation.”


Amy: “Oh, so are you saying you could…”


And that is how this scene unfolded:

nut scene
The world of nut-styling is not as glamorous as many may believe.

Which leads us to this book cover:


Moms Are Nuts is a collection of humor pieces by some hilarious writers (plus me) about the wonderful, weird women who raised them. As you can imagine, it was important to represent a diverse group of mothers, grandmothers, and mother-figures.

photo 1

The photo shoot was lots of fun. In fact, the camera kept rolling on set between takes, which enabled us to capture some rather tragicomic outtakes on film. (More from the blooper reel here.)

photo 2

Anyway — I could not be more delighted to be included in this collection alongside some really funny people. Fellow contributors have written for Comedy Central, The Tonight Show, US Weekly, VH-1, and The Onion, and include actors, stand-up performers, and alums of comedy programs such as the Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade. Critically acclaimed comedian Abbi Crutchfield contributes, as does comedy writer Gloria Fallon, plus some of my Internet friends, such as Nancy Kho and Wendi Aarons, and… well, there are 26 total. Here, you can see the list on the back cover:

backcoverI contributed the chapter, “Cursing With Style.” People have asked before if I’d publish that piece, and I’ve always meant to look into it… Thankfully, Amy came along and took care of it, so now it’s available in print for the first time. (Remember, kids: Never do work yourself if you could wait for someone else to do it for you.) 

You can buy it right here, right now. (In a few days, there will also be a button to purchase from Parnassus Books, so you can flaunt your indie-bookstore pride!)


Moms Are Nuts makes a great Mother’s Day gift for anyone. It’s not about being a mom, it’s about having a mom. Many of the writers — dudes and ladies included — are not parents. But we all have beloved moms who are wonderfully colorful characters.*

Here’s a link to the official press release. I’m really tickled to be included in this project. Thanks, Amy and the Moms Are Nuts team!


* * *

(* As always, a special thanks to my own mom. We’re just like those Proctor & Gamble commercials where the mamas get up early to help their little Olympians lug their skates and get to practice on time, but with cursing instead of skating.)



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