Meal Planning: A Simple Guide

Overwhelmed by the task of feeding your household? Stumped by having to come up with dinner ideas night after night, week after week? Don’t be. It’s actually super-easy. The key to maintaining a healthy diet is balance. All you have to do is make sure every meal includes this stuff —

food groups

When you break it down into basic pieces like that, it’s really a snap. Here’s a sample of how that strategy plays out over the course of a week:

(click to enlarge)

dinner is served

See? Just like that. Pretty much nailing it.


  1. Did you come up with this after years of thoughtful research? Just wait until you get a lot older and you can’t even have half of this stuff on your plate!!!

  2. We just pretty much just repeat the Friday Saturday cycle at my house. Those other day’s plans are for like….holidays or something. I got scaird for a second when I started reading this one…

  3. So…if my Sunday looks like your Friday, can you imagine what our Thursday is like? There’s a reason I walk into the burger joint down the road and everyone roars, “NANCY!”

  4. Literally have an ab workout from the chuckles your sight is giving me. I bow to your awesomeness. Thirty five years of menu planning and yes, this is how I have come to see the problem. You make me giggle.

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