Today on Tipsy Lit

You know how you have topics you can just blabber on and on and onnnnn about, but you try not to in social situations, because really, who wants to hear you talk about the same thing all the time?

I have a few subjects like that, and one of them is writing. (Hey, you guys want to talk about VERBS? Wait… where are you going?) It’s always delightful to meet someone else who shares the same passion.

So you understand why I was tickled to agree to an interview with the lovely Emily from Tipsy Lit. First of all, she actually WANTED to talk about writing! Second, anything with the tagline “Books. Booze. Brilliance.” is something I’ll say yes to. Anyway, if you’re into that kind of thing too, feel free to click over and join the conversation. 

This is the photo from the Tipsy Lit homepage. It is not a picture of me. You can tell because my hair has never been that smooth and flawless in my life.

Thanks for having me, Tipsy Lit!


  1. I love you work…I am new to blogging and still don’t know all the ins and outs. Sounds like I should write about a variety of things not just one subject. Anyway, this is about you and your writing.
    Very impressive

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