Something Well-Read This Way Comes

Will you forgive me for talking work for a sec? It’s fun-work, I swear. OK, thanks. I’m breathe-into-a-bag excited about a new project, and I want to share, because some of you might enjoy it. Here it is:

Ta-da! It’s Musing – a laid-back literary journal. Today it’s being launched out into the world by Parnassus Books.

As you may know, Parnassus is the exquisite little gem of a shop in Nashville that breathed new life into the story of independent bookstores everywhere. (Take that, Amazon.) It’s owned by best-selling novelist Ann Patchett and booklady extraordinaire Karen Hayes, and its star-power brings a roster of authors into town the likes of which you don’t normally see outside major hubs like New York, DC, etc. The Southern literary scene and the world literary scene collide delightfully here, and the conversations that happen in this one little shop, among this group of people and their guests, would blow your mind. So that’s what Musing is all about. Sharing those conversations. And y’all, they’re letting me be the editor of the thing.

To use a music analogy – this is Nashville, after all – if the shop were an album, Musing would be its b-side: extra tracks, bootlegs, the stories behind the songs.
To use a music analogy – this is Nashville, after all – if the shop were an album, Musing would be its b-side: extra tracks, bootlegs, the stories behind the songs.

Know anyone who’s into this kind of thing? Feel free to spread the word… You can even subscribe (it’s FREE) to get stuff like this directly in your inbox:

  • A regular column by Ann Patchett (Like her essays? You’ll love her candid monthly posts about what she’s been doing and reading.)
  • What-to-read book lists, so you’ll never be bored again
  • Interviews with a wide range of authors (check out our first one: bestselling novelist Sue Monk Kidd)
  • Shop Dog Diaries (Fact: Writing in the voice of a dog is 10 times as much fun as writing in the voice of a person.)

Anyway, that’s it. You can read more about it here, and even a little word from me here — but I’ll stop talking now. Back to normal (abnormal?) next time here. Just wanted to share this. I feel tremendously lucky to have the chance to hang out with such smart, funny, interesting folks. Thanks, friends!

PS: I disabled all the likey-sharey buttons on this post (I think), but if your trigger finger is itching, feel free to aim it over at Musing and give it a click.


  1. I can’t decide who I am more envious (in a good way) of: Ann P for being friends with you or YOU for being friends with Annie P, one of the best writers ever. Is it weird if I move to Nashville to hang out with ya’ll?

  2. I am so freaking excited – this is the kind of shizz that makes me want to be your best friend (in a non-creepy, non-stalker kind of way).

  3. Wow. This is way cool. I just started following you recently and now it feels like kismet! Ann Patchett is one of my very favorite authors, and I have been following with interest her bookstore venture. Do you live in Nashville? I would love to go to the book festival there. Anyway, so happy to have found you and now Musings.

  4. Ann Patchett? Are you kidding me?? I love her work! We have a fine little place in my “hood”, The Little Professor Book Shop, which has been in business for as long as I can remember living here (40+ years). Get JD to contact them to bring you all in for a signing-I’m tired of nagging him to do it.

  5. Wow, that’s wonderful! And I had no idea about Ann Patchett’s bookstore or the book festival. My husband and I were just talking about possibly visiting TN this spring…now I have a concrete reason to!

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