Otters, Alots, and Penguins — Oh My

Well, this is mighty fun.

Remember when we discovered the Unnecessary Otter, that wondrously twisted character created by YouTube sensation Hazel Hayes?

Makes me snort my coffee every time. Except when it makes me snort beer.

Anyway. We’re not the only ones who thought Hazel was a riot. This quirky talent from across the pond (well, depends on which side of the pond you’re on, I guess — from my side, she’s across it) has garnered a huge audience of folks who follow her videos for a regular dose of total lunacy. Here’s an interview with Hazel from the British entertainment magazine WhatCulture:

(click the pic to read the article)

This week, I was beyond tickled to see that Hazel’s latest spot was a shout-out to “Lovely Ladies Of the Internet” — about female producers of online content. She named four chicks everyone should follow on the Internet (“but don’t follow them home” — good distinction). One of them was the ever-fabulous Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half. Two of them I hadn’t heard of before — Lana McKissack and WhatsUpElle — so I made a note to check those out. And one of them was… me. Oh, poor Hazel. She has clearly been sniffing paint and has lost her mind. But we love her paint-sniffing self anyway, don’t we?

Here it is:

What a delightful surprise. Thank you, Hazel!

* * *

PS: Today’s edition of The Random Penguins is a special welcome to friends of the Otter.

Once again, Hazel found herself waking up next to an otter, wondering just what was in that last mojito.


  1. So awesome on so many levels!
    You deserve the positive attention and I’m thrilled that others are taking note of your smart ass! Making people smile is a gift and yours is shining brightly.

  2. I thought ‘haitch for f*ck you’ would be the funniest part, but the ‘I’m a stoat’ at the end had me crying. Thank you for the introduction to hilarious balderdash 😉

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