Kardashians: Kard Kopiers?

Dammit, not again. Every year, these people pull this. The Kardashians copy my Christmas card.

I don’t know how they’re doing it; but they’re sneaking ideas straight out of my brain before I even have a chance to act on them.

Here’s a glimpse at their card, as reported by Go Fug Yourself:

Kris-mas With the Ks

Now. Let me just tell you what was going through my mind when *I* cooked up the idea for *our* family card.

I was like, “So, here’s the plan: Everyone wear white, because it’s virginal, and Christmas is a time for miracles. Nobody wear socks. Everyone hold a glass of champagne, even the babies. Nah, scratch that – not the babies, they always waste the champagne. In the back, we’ll have a DJ, so it looks like we’re having a party, symbolizing that every day is a celebration in the metaphorical club known as life. As a prop, we’ll put a white pussycat in a box, suggesting through subtle visual cues our message that sexuality cannot be fully explored until one is willing to open up repressed notions and cross racial barriers. Everyone with a nice big ass stands up; everyone with a medium ass sits down.”

Then LO AND BEHOLD, look who comes out with the SAME. DAMN. THING.

THIEVES, I tell you.


  1. We were going to do it in red— but it’s difficult to find a red cat. Ginger, maybe, but not red. Maybe next year we’ll start a little earlier and I will be able to find a hairdresser willing to dye my grey cat red. IDK… I’ll have to think on it. LOL.

  2. Seriously, what is up with the cat? Is it a pet, a prop. is it even real? I want to be the DJ. He seems to be shrugging like WTF am I doing in this picture?

  3. Our holiday cards are always a disaster! This year’s epic fail? I took a pic of my kids at a restaurant breakfast with Santa — only to realize after ordering the pics that behind them is the bar with the colorful bottles of liquor illuminated from below. Um…Merry Christmas…

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