Give and Take: The Thankful List (And a Present)

Topping the list of what I’m thankful for this year (right after dry shampoo and Nespresso pods) are people.

Not people in general, of course. Let’s not be silly — I don’t mean all people. I’m not thankful for mean people or rude people or people who look better in strapless dresses than I do. No. Not them.

I’m grateful for people who make me laugh – both the ones I know (how did I luck into being friends with all these clowns?) and the ones I don’t know (stand up and let me clap for you, funny denizens of the Internet).

I’m grateful for people who make me think – even (or especially) the ones who peeve me at first but succeed in getting me to consider something I might not have before.

I’m grateful for people who make me think and laugh at the same time, because really, that’s a lot better than thinking and crying at the same time. Smart-funny. My favorite.

I’m grateful for my new pencil:

Pencils aren’t people! I know. I just saw the pencil sitting here, and I felt a pang of thankfulness for it.

I’m grateful for my family, both the ones who raised me and the ones whom I’m raising, and especially the one who married me, because he signed on for life with this mess, and he’s still here.

(That’s not in order of gratitude, by the way. If it were, that would mean I’m more thankful for my pencil than my family, which is totally not true. I mean, maybe for a second, right after I got it. But not after that.)

And one more thing, as long as we’re getting sappy:

I am grateful for the people reading this. I love to make people laugh. When someone says they’ve seen something here that cracks them up or makes their cruddy afternoon a little better – that is like food to me. Or drugs. Or drugged food. (Public service announcement: That was just a metaphor. Never drug anyone’s food.) When you say, “This makes my day,” that makes my day. Thank you.

In return, I’d like to offer a gift. This is for everyone who wrote to ask for it. (If you did, you’re totally weird, and I like that about you; if you didn’t, I’m sorry, just look away for a second.)

Check in on the Random Penguins every weekday throughout the holidays to get your daily penguin. This little tumblr will likely last for just a few weeks, but I hope it makes this crazy season a little more fun. Happy Thanksgiving.

* * *

(PS: Thanks also to the always-lovely Style Court for inviting me to be part of a holiday-themed feature this week. Click over for my Thanksgiving playlist, or ignore my dweebie music picks and focus instead on all the great posts from this sharp, gorgeous art/style blog.)


  1. Happy Thankgiving, ML. I’m thankful for such a smart-funny friend with great taste in music. And, btw, after the post went up, my sister sent me a link to a Vintage Trouble interview. Worth considering for an expanded playlist.

  2. Some days I love my iPad more than I do my family. My iPad does not me to feed it or to find their blue Hollister t-shirt. My iPad is very low maintenance.

    I will be checking out the random penguins. Who doesn’t want to start their day with a random penguin? Killjoys, that’s who. And I’m no killjoy.

  3. ML–Lot of pressure leaving a reply on a blog filled with funny people…too tired to even attempt to be witty so I’ll just say thank you for the “dweebie playlist”–I’ve put it all on my iphone and will be listening to it on my 9 hour car ride to NC mountains for Thanksgiving. It’s awesome and reminds me of all the crazy shit you post on here which will surely get me through the traffic jams.

  4. With all due respect, what the hell do you use a pencil for? I haven’t used a pencil since Trig in high school. I am impressed you could find one. And I love your pencil more than my family, but I am in therapy for sentiments like that. Cheers!

  5. I am in love with your pencil! (I mean, I like your blog a lot too, but…that pencil!). One of my dearest friends is an editor (with a rather salty tongue), and it’s her birthday next week…gift accomplished!

  6. OMG — let’s fuck some shit up. I think I may need that pencil…and of course – I love your nice message about being thankful and all…but really…it’s all about the pencil 😉

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