Looking for author Mary Laura Philpott? Or the book I Miss You When I Blink? Find those here, at MaryLauraPhilpott.com.

(Let me explain: For a few years, I had a blog called I Miss You When I Blink, and it lived at this site. Its leftovers still do, if you’re into archives. You can find those here. My book also happens to be titled I Miss You When I Blink. But it’s not based on the old blog or related to it in any way, other than the fact that the same person wrote them both, years apart. They just share a title. Confusing, I know. But it’s a good title — I wanted to use it again!)

Anyway, I hope you’ll go check out the book. It comes out April 2, 2019. Buy a copy for yourself and a dozen of your friends. If you pre-order it from the bookstore where I work, I’ll gladly sign it for you.